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Howdy, Welcome to SolveMethod! The Complete and Latest Solutions – a website that publishes practical and useful articles for web beginners, web developers, freelancers, marketers, web-masters, entertainers and geeks. Our main goal is to provide quality articles and other important resources for free.

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About Our Team

Faisal Kabir – Faisal Kabir is the administrator @SolveMethod. He is the man behind SolveMethod. He started his career as a freelance web developer and writer, then he started the website in 2015. View Kabir’s Profile →

Besides Faisal Kabir, the administrator, we have two more administrative accounts to operate the website. One is Method-Team (editorial team) and other is Team-Bangla (bengali lacale team).

About Our Logo

Our logo designed with four pieces of squares, each square rotates 45º. The logo indicates that we cover all the area around the web!

The logo was designed by Faisal Kabir. It looks simple, but took lot of time!

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SolveMethod.com was registered by Faisal Kabir on May 15, 2015.
After couple months of development, Faisal Kabir announced the website on January 9, 2016 with a welcome post.